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Guepard Espiegle fragrance to be presented at the upcoming TFWA in Cannes

Unique. Seductive. Indescribable. These are the qualities of women that make it difficult to create for them. Yet they are the same ones that make women irresistible.

The Name

Like a making a movie, creating  Fragrances requires research and practice. The audience sees the final result, but behind the scenes GUEPARD, basing its work on the classic conception of the Fragrance trade, creates and models its ideas into precious objects of  Flowers combined with unusual, fascinating natural ones.

Luxury Espiegle Fragrance entices, not for the sake of ostentation, but rather as an expression of freedom: we should allow ourselves something gratifying every now and then. The contemporary woman loves to feel glamorous. For GUEPARD glamour cannot be described; it is a sensation, a way of being, a means of expressing oneself, whether in worn-out jeans or an evening gown. Glamour is timeless, yet always current, always modern.

The Fragrance

The possible combinations and mixtures of flowers are nearly limitless, It is the passion and attention that GUEPARD personally dedicates to each piece of flower in their Fragrance that makes it unique.

The Espiegle  Fragrance is the result of a great deal of contemplation. It features a fresh, unconventional Fragrance, dedicated to the young woman, in four versions . Every detail has been carefully studied, from the box that has the same design to the fragrances. Created for everyday wear, in all occasions, this year GUEPARD has launch ESPIEGLE.


PO BOX 360
1701 FRIBOURG Switzerland
Tel +4122 300 20 88
fax + 41 22 300 20 76

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