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U.S. Launch of Emeshel Takes the Scent of Seduction to a new Level of Artful Eroticism
Miami. Renowned European designer in luxury “objets d'art” introduces a premium line of men and women’s fragrances -- sensually inspired by ancient Arabian virility

The renowned visionary artist, Emeshel, Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of luxury crystal and glass sculptures, announces the U.S. launch of the Emeshel collection and the introduction of the first line of heavenly fragrances for men and women. Emeshel adds the Art of Beauty to its existing luxury collection of handcrafted glassware, jewelry and sculptures

Emeshel Logo
Emeshel Beauty Perfume

Emeshel Beauty is an unprecedented new line of luxury fragrances featuring a collection of five women’s Eau de Toilettes under the title of NUBIA, named after the ancient state of northeast Arabia once occupied by the Egyptian kings. Also part of the newly launched Emeshel Beauty line is the company’s first cologne for men, RAJUL, named after the ancient Arabic word for “Man.” Each perfume is identified by its own color and unique scent and has been provocatively designed to resemble the human sexual organs, taking the art of perfumery to a whole new dimension of artful sensuality and symbolism. Emeshel Beauty is considered to be the first line of fragrances of its kind in the world.
Budapest native, Emeshel, named after the company itself, is the brand’s award-winning designer and visionary mastermind who is spearheading the company’s U.S. launch by announcing Miami as the first market for its highly anticipated international expansion from Europe. Emeshel is known throughout the continent as the brainchild and infamous architect behind the design and creation of one of the world’s premium and most expensive collections in crystal and glass art. Located at its newly opened showroom and gallery in the heart of Miami’s Design District, the company displays its breathtaking set of glassware and signature collection of crystal sculptures for the home, individually designed by Emeshel and sculpted by the finest master craftsmen in Murano, Italy. Among the world class portfolio of luxurious treasures is an exquisite line of hand-made jewelry and accessories, also designed by the eye of Emeshel and developed to bring the entire luxury collection together as a new wave of contemporary art.
 “As the gateway to the Americas, Miami is an ideal test market for the U.S. launch of our company,” says Sandy Marc Kertesz, CEO and President of Emeshel. “South Florida is the epitome of luxury and decadence with a rich history of classic style and sophisticated glamour. The brand essence of the Emeshel collection reflects the affluent lifestyles of our clientele. Crystal has a unique and timeless attraction. Miami has a unique and timeless elegance that perfectly complements our entire product line.”
Manufactured in France, the first line of fragrances by Emeshel has been developed in collaboration with one of Europe’s finest award-winning perfumers. Based in Hungary, Zsolt Zolyomi is one of the few artists in perfumery to earn a certificate from the world-renowned School for Luxury Cosmetics Development in Versailles, France, founded by Jean-Paul Guerlain. Zolyomi graduated from the school’s international division and is currently considered one of the world’s leading creators of “haute couture” perfume today.
The newly launched Emeshel Beauty line features five luxury 3.4oz fragrances for women, each with a recommended retail price of $125.00. The single fragrance for men, also 3.4oz in volume, retails at $120.00.
Nubia Yellow brings together the scents of refreshing lemon juice, fresh citrus and limes with a fragrance combining oil of bergamot with sweet orange from Brazil. Nubia Red evokes the delicate aroma of a sensual Odalisque, with hints of tangerine, vanilla, blackcurrant and musk. Nubia Green portrays the bouquet of a newly mowed lawn, green leaves and an intensely crisp lemon combined with refreshing dew. Nubia Rose implies freshly brewed ice tea, oil of bergamot, grapefruit and orange – combining the aromatic fragrances of a modern-day metropolis with a metallic elegance. Nubia Violet brings the fresh, waggish notes of the fruit-bearing harvest, complete with ripe grapes, sun-kissed blackberries, mulberries and hints of green apple, peach and sea breeze.
The contrasting scent of Rajul for men tells the story of an aroma representing the power of the Grand Seigneur of Arabia. After reaching the coast from the desert at dawn and leaving the vast sand dunes of the cool Arabian night, you are touched by the fragrance of the wet wind and the endless water. This fragrance is powerful and energetic, with a delicate, sophisticated and mysteriously sexy allure. The bottle designed for Rajul is purposely shaped in the form of a man’s most intimate sexual organ, honoring the power and masculine virility of his royal Arabian highness.

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