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A new dynamic For Caron perfume house

The Perfume “Pour un home de Caron”  the first fragrance designed exclusively for men by Ernest Daltroff in 1934.

Pour Un Homme 2008  viril ad campaign featuring the rugby star Sebastien Chabal will certainly appeal to female purchasers. The viril and sporty new ad campaign return to masculinity should increase Caron result already boosted in the US by the dynamic New York based Caron team headed by its president Raphael Yousri.

Growing old, the Caron Brand got rejuvenated in 1998 when incorporated into the Ales Group. Patrick Ales love for the brand and vision toward the international allowed the brand to remain alive. In 2000 Patrick Ales inaugurated the New York Caron boutique and launched Caron fourth perfume for man “L’Anarchiste”. Patrick Ales passion for plants  “When he speaks about plants, his eyes light up. And, he can speak for hours’’   resulted into the amazing creation of the New York City Phyto Universe “Green Wall”. PHYTOTHERATHRIE was created in 1967.  It was the first cosmetic brand to use the PHYTO prefix. However, his work has not always been easy…but that didn’t matter! Patrick Ales has incredible drive and passion He believed in his project and was determined to carry it through.



In 1969, Patrick Ales founded the PHYTOSOLBA Laboratory.  He then developed otherbrands and companies that were related to plants, nature and beauty. 
In 2004, Patrick ALES published his book ‘LE TCHÔ – Demain viendra toujours’,(published by Cherche Midi) which recounts his origins in 142 ‘picaresque episodes’. Son of a Spanish Republican cabinetmaker, his family sought refuge in northern France when he was seven years old, where he became a ‘tchô’ (the local term for a small child). The book tells the eventful story of his life, focussing on his lucky breaks and his misfortunes, and the strange destiny that led him to mix with the rich and famous and to his love affair with plants.

For info about “Pour un Homme” 2008 , Caron, Phyto and the Ales Products contact Stephanie Thevenot at: sthevenot@alesgroup.com


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