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Bruno Queyrel Joined Perfume Expo America Board of Directors

"He is an outstanding individual who further PXA’s objective of creating a world-class board,” said Bernard Pommier PXA chairman and chief executive officer.

Miami Beach.- Perfume Expo America’s President Bernard Pommier announced  Bruno Queyrel has joined the company as a partner and he was elected to the Board bringing the number of PXA Directors to four. "He is an outstanding individual who further PXA’s objective of creating a world-class board,” said Bernard Pommier PXA chairman and chief executive officer. “Bruno Queyrel has an exceptional experience in the Beauty industry. He will bring with him deep business knowledge". Before he decided to become our partner, I have had the privilege of working with Bruno for couple of years to appreciate his exceptional judgment and outstanding character". Bruno Queyrel is a French graduate in International trade, after a mission in Washington DC for the US Small Business Administration during the white house conferences on SME Later joined the French Federation of Perfumery and Beauty industries. At the Federation and then for 20 years he never stopped promoting the industry worldwide, Bruno was the advocate to many companies helping them deal with various administration regulations . Among other significant involvements he initiated the first international attendance of foreign exhibitors at the Cosmoprof Bologna . Bruno was also among the team of industry pioneers to related events like Nice/Cannes, Hong Kong ..Etc… A couple years ago Bruno started his own consulting firm (Nextrade Collection France) advising several international leaders. Nevertheless Bruno did not stop promoting entrepreneurship. For the past few years he organized national industry groups and Beauty industry conferences for over 25 events. For PXA 2008 Bruno started the concept of Perfume Entrepreneur’s Bar and offered exposure to international small perfumers, from France, UK, the United States, the Caribbean to enter the world selective market.
About Perfume Expo America, LLC:
Perfume Expo America is a Florida incorporated trade show company creators of PXA the premier American event for selective beauty products.
PXA is a selective event where classic and emerging perfume brands as well as selective skin care and cosmetic lines can present to independent American perfumeries, department stores buyers, duty free operators, selective pharmacies, apothecary stores and specialty stores. The next PXA will take place at the Javits convention center in New York City. June 9-12 2009
Contact: Ana Pommier 001+ (305) 868-9383 ana@perfumeXamerica.com

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