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 Custo Barcelona launches its first fragrance

Spanish designer Custo Dalmau has just launched in Spain the first fragrance of the brand. Created by IDESA PARFUMS, a perfumery and cosmetics company based in Barcelona, the new fragrance for women is available in Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria. The international roll out will start in the beginning of 2009.

The perfume CUSTO Barcelona has been created for curious women, cosmopolitan, travellers, expressive, sophisticated, bohemian women. Sensual, free-spirited women who seek everything unique and original.

CB ADV DOUBLE_21 (Small).jpg 

The fragrance is appetizing and innovative just like the brand, and has been developed by the expert perfumer Alberto Morillas. The top note is composed by bitter orange, Calabrian lemon, pink grapefruit and bergamot. The middle note features wild strawberries, black currant, white peony and orange blossom. The bottom note reveals lemon tree wood, amber and musk.
Olfactive family: Fruity Floral Cypress

The packaging is the result of the joint design achieved by Pati Núñez and Toni Arola, two National Design Award winners with acclaimed creative talent. 

The bottle is a shape that flirts with being either a circle or a rectangle, in ombré-dyed glass that shifts from transparent to deep magenta A panel of fabric with a texture somewhere between granite and glitter is embedded in the curves of the glass, a material that harks back to urban asphalt or a novel fabric used in a Custo garment.
Chiselled onto the glass, the five letters of the brand hover over the deep pink of the bottle’s background.

The box is square-shaped, recreating the appearance of the two rare and highly expressive industrial materials that make up the bottle. In the middle, a magenta strip, pure and striking, reflects the energy and dynamism of custophilosophy.

The top, like an accent mark, falls vertically over the bottle. It is a rectangle which invades the front of the bottle and is juxtaposed – just like a patchwork of fabrics on a garment – over the textured panel.

About Custo Barcelona
Created in 1980 by Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, Custo Barcelona has presently more than 3000 sales points in 45 countries distributed in 10 countries. The firm presents their collections every season in the New York Fashion Week since 1996. Being Innovation, creativity and sophistication their point of departure, the brand uses screen printing and its finishing’s, graphic design and color as the base of their collections. In their latest collections all types of men and women garments have been included, such as coats, skirts and trousers, constructing a complete collection.  It can now be said that Custo Barcelona exists as a style in itself, which, to a certain degree, suggests a particular way of looking at life.

About Idesa Parfums
Idesa Parfums, perfumery company based in Barcelona, broadens with this new launch its range of fragrances and continues to focus on brands with a broad international appeal.
Among the brands created and distributed worldwide by Idesa Parfums can be found Armand Basi, Mandarina Duck, Custo Barcelona, Angel Schlesser, Alejandro Sanz, Joaquín Cortés and Anne Möller. At present, the perfumes created by Idesa Parfums are sold in over 80 countries. Besides, the company distributes exclusively for Spain the fragrances of Versace, Moschino,  Dsquared2, Salvatore Ferragamo, among others.

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