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Elizabeth Arden names Essence Corp. its
agent in Caribbean and Mexico TR

In another huge coup, Miami-based Essence Corp. has been
appointed by the Americas DMTR Division of Elizabeth Arden
International as its agent in the Caribbean and Mexico Travel Retail

The partnership becomes effective Oct. 1, 2008 and will be
communicated directly and in detail to each customer during the
month of September, said the companies in a joint statement.
“We believe there are strong synergies between our two groups.
Our goals are to develop the skin care and make up segments and
obviously to gain market share,” said Essence Corp. president Jean-
Jacques Bona.
Essence Corp represents several prestigious cosmetics and
fragrances companies, including the Clarins Group, Inter Parfums
and Euroitalia, throughout the Americas.
Guillaume Bona, Essence Corp Caribbean Director, comments on
the new relationship: “Elizabeth Arden’s strong portfolio of brands,
such as EA, Red Door, 5th Avenue and Britney Spears, is very
complementary with ours and, in addition, we were already
distributing the brands of Liz Claiborne Cosmetics (Liz, Juicy
Couture, Usher), recently acquired by Elizabeth Arden.
Adds Gilles Vigeral, Elizabeth Arden General Manager,
Americas: “This partnership with Essence Corp is a natural evolution
of our Travel Retail "go to market strategy" which started few years
back when we partnered first with Blidex for the Cono Sur, then
Mufel for our Tijuana/Baja California and most recently with
Distribution Fontaine for the Canadian Border.
“I have no doubt that this new adventure with the Essence Corp
team will follow the same line of success,” said Vigeral.
Essence Corp. was also appointed the agent for Lalique Parfums
in Latin America earlier this summer.

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